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"When I started preparing for the ACT, I had high aspirations but never did I imagine I could score a 36 the first time taking the test.  Jon prepared me so well.  My favorite part of our sessions was that we got right to business and didn't waste time. I recommend Jon to anyone looking to study for the ACT efficiently to get the best score they can." - Proud Student   

"Jon helped my son go from a 26 composite to a composite of a 34 with a perfect score of 36 on the science.  His approach was patient and he was able to assess and address weaknesses very quickly. I highly recommend him!"  - Proud Mom 

"When I first started studying for the ACT, I had very little confidence and was nervous I wouldn't be able to succeed on it.  When I took a test a couple weeks after starting my work with Jonathan, I got a 25 composite score. After a year of working with Jonathan, we boosted my score up to a 33 composite and a 35 super score.  It is because of his tutoring that my scores boosted significantly in every section. Without him, I would have not have been able to score so well." - Proud Student

"Living in England, I was not used to taking these kinds of tests.  I attempted the ACT last year and got a 27 composite score, but with Jonathan's help, I managed to bring that up seven points to a 34. Without his tutoring that would have been impossible." - J.M., Proud Student 

"Jon's tutoring helped set me up for success by providing me the necessary tools and tricks for taking the ACT.  He provided me with a sense of structure which I struggled to find on my own.  He made sure that we went over every single practice problem I got wrong, practicing the concepts until he knew that I understood them.  Thanks to his help, I was able to bring up my composite score to a 33 and get up to a 35 on science and a 36 on reading.  I am extremely grateful for all of the time and effort he put into me." - J.H., Proud Student 

"I started preparing for the ACT like most students do, by taking an initial, diagnostic practice test.  As I have a history of performing poorly on large exams, it wasn't a surprise that I ended up scoring a 17.  After being referred to Jon through a family friend we worked on fine tuning my test taking strategies for the ACT.  After working with Jon for about half a year and taking the test two times, I received a superscore of a 34

Beyond the ACT, Jon also provided crucial advice during the college process.  In the end, I was accepted ED into my dream school!!!  It is not an understatement when I say that I couldn't have gotten into my dream school without Jon.  His commitment to improving not only his students' ACT scores but also their prospects as a student, in general, is unrivaled." - Proud Student 

"Jonathan Tannenbaum tutored me for my ACT prep starting in the summer of 2018 through taking the test in December that year and again in April 2019. We had one session a week and Jonathan was extremely flexible with timing and understanding of my schedule.

While I excel in school, I initially found aspects of the test confusing or frustrating. For example, I like to deeply understand the math I do but the test simply teaches to check a box and do it quickly. Jonathan helped me understand the rationale and the ‘tricks’ of how to take the test. He did so with patience and kindness and walked me through ever step.

In my initial practice tests with Jonathan I ran out of time to finish any section, but after a while he helped me get the hang of timing and I finished with time to spare.

My score went from the high 20s to the mid 30s. Having achieved a score on my second real test that puts me firmly in the top university requirements, I was extremely pleased with my score."

- Proud Student 

"Jon is patient, kind, and has an incredible base of knowledge that he brought to every one of our sessions. He took the time to explain any concepts I was struggling with, no matter how simple, and encouraged me to keep at them until I could not get them wrong. When I first took the ACT, I was unconfident in my math skills. Jon helped me get from a 19 subsection score to a 32 and math is now my best subject! He is an incredible teacher and mentor, and any student would be beyond lucky to have him!" - Proud Student 

"I went into this process feeling very insecure and anxious about the ACT. Jon approached me every time we met with kindness and patience, and that made the process 10 times easier. Amid the stresses of college tours and figuring out where I wanted to apply, there was one part of the process where my mind was at ease because of Jon. I will always remember his advice to eat blueberries before a test. More importantly, I will remember him as a generous person who wanted to help me to help me, not just because it’s his job." - S.W., Proud Student 

"My sessions with Jonathan gave me all the tools I needed to be successful.  Thanks to Jonathan's patient and intelligent approach, he guided me to improving my SAT score by 250 points.  Jonathan also assisted me when I was writing my college essay.  He was very helpful and provided many tips to help me communicate my essay in the perfect fashion.  Thanks to Jonathan, I was accepted into my top choice, Dartmouth College." - Proud Student 

"After being tutored by Jon, I was able to raise my SAT score from a 1270 to a 1490. Thanks to Jon's help with my SAT and my college application essay writing, I was admitted to my dream school, Vanderbilt. I do not believe this would have been possible without his help! Thank you, Jon! - Proud Student 

"Working with Jonathan was a pleasure, and the experience really helped me achieve my success on the SAT.  I learned so much from our time together, and my score went up over 200 points.  I am so thankful to Jonathan and am proud of what I was able to do with his unending help." - Proud Student

"Jon Tannenbaum goes above and beyond the call of duty as an ACT tutor.  Along with showing great knowledge in the subject matter, he was also incredibly encouraging and patient in helping me prepare for the test.  Since completing my lessons with him, he has also helped me in my college search.  I tried other classes and tutors and was unsuccessful.  Jon was the only teacher who was able to help me reach my target score.  I would highly recommend taking lessons with him prior to taking the ACT/SAT." - Proud Student

"We are grateful for the support Jonathan provided to our 5th grader as he prepared for the ISEE. When we made the decision to apply to four leading private schools, we realized we had fewer than four months to prepare.  Luckily, we met Jonathan, who patiently, thoroughly, and, most importantly, without stress, helped our son prepare for the exam in areas such as math, reading comprehension, and writing. On the day of the exam, thanks to Jonathan, our son entered the test room with the confidence and tools necessary to be successful.  

In the end, after just 12 weeks of tutoring, our son was accepted to all four private schools.  He is currently a student at Horace Mann in Bronx, New York.

Thank you, Jonathan.  We can't recommend you enough." - Abbie and Brian, Proud Parents 

"Going into high school I was very intimidated about the completely new unit being presented to me. I had a background in algebra and I knew math basics but I had no basis in geometry! Over the course of my freshman year Jon helped develop my skills, and we only saw my test grades rise! I was also able to move into a higher level geometry class and perform well there. The apex of achievement was when I got a 98 on my final! I’m ever thankful to Jon and I look forward to seeing my growth in math continue." - Proud Student

"Mr. Tannenbaum has been an amazing help to me.  I transitioned from a not so hard school regarding math, to a school that has a very good honors program.  Honestly, I do not think I could have been in this honors class without Jonathan.  I am forever grateful." - Proud Middle School Student 

"I enrolled in Jon's small group course with two other students.  He was able to convey informtion succinctly and efficiently and help each student within a collective learning experience.  On my first time taking the actual test, my score improved 210 points from the time I took the PSAT. After the group course, I decided to take my SAT a second time and turned to Jon for private lessons. As a result, my overall score went up an additional 120 points, due to mostly to my improvement in the math section.  I was able to raise my score to the range of what the College Board projected my school of choice, Columbia University, would require.  I was never the most confident in math skills and Jon helped me improve in the areas where I struggled without condescencion.  Jon is an effective and clear teacher who is personable and allows you to get to know him, as well. I am very grateful for the experience!" - C.F., Columbia University Student

"Mr. Tannenbaum is a great tutor.  His personal attention and patience, combined with his unique techniques, helped me raise my score by more than 100 points on each section of the SAT.  I have him to thank now that I attend Cornell University, my dream school." - G.D, Proud Student 

"My family and I decided to get a tutor in the middle of my junior year in order to improve my ACT scores, especially on the reading, English, and essay sections.  Jon was very understanding about my workload in school but still held me to high standards on my completion of work.  He would go through my essays, giving tips on how to make a truly solid essay that, in the end, raised my score from a 9 out of 12 to an 11 out of 12.  Further, he was able to adapt his teaching style to focus on my particular weakness in reading for which I was able to raise my score from a 29 to a 34.  Overall, through around two months of working with him, I was able to raise my composite score from a 32 to a 34, the equivalent of going from a 2200 to a 2300 on the SAT." - L.P., Proud Student      

"When I first began my SAT process, I wasn't looking forward to taking the test.  I was having trouble with the reading and math sections and was nervous that I would never acheive the scores required to get into the schools I wanted.  However, when I began working with Jon Tannenbaum, I was shocked to find how well I was capable of doing.  Not only was he patient, he knew exactly how to explain every aspect of the SAT so that I understood it.  Additionally, he always had a positive attitude and made me confident that I would do well.  I ended up scoring much higher my first time taking the test than any of my teachers or my parents had predicted.  I continued to work with Jon and scored even higher the second time.  

I can honestly say that my tutoring sessions with Jon were a key part of my success on the SAT. Without him I would not have gotten into my top choice schools.  I would recommend Jon to anyone looking for an SAT tutor without a second thought." - E.Z, Proud Student

"Jonathan worked patiently with my daughter through her SAT test-prep in order to help her achieve her desired scores.  She was applying to Ivy and NESCAC colleges. Jonathan brought a sense of calm and encouragement to her at a very stressful time. My daughter got into her first choice school early decision." - Christina C., Proud Mom   

"Jon is a great tutor.  My PSAT score was equivalent to a 1570, so when I first took the SAT after working for half a summer with Jon, I was amazed to have a score of an 1840. Now, after taking the test twice, my overall score is a 2050." - A.P., Proud Student 

"My son worked with Jon for a very short amount of time on the ACT and his score increased from a 28 to a 32, with three out of four sections being a 33.  Jon was able to relate very well to my son and didn't waste time on things he already knew.  It was a very focused and personal review, and the one-on-one attention really helped my son learn quickly.  Jon was also great in succinctly covering a refresher in some math areas that my son had forgotten but needed to know for the test." - Jennifer, Proud Mom

"My son worked with Jon after taking the practice ACT.  He helped my son improve 10 points on the science section alone and bring up his composite score.  Jon was patient and clear and really helped my son build his confidence." - D.P., Proud Mom

"I highly recommend Jonathan Tannenbaum for help with college essays.  He worked with my son, Jake, and helped him put together an organzied and thought-provoking essay.  Jonathan guided him through the entire process, and my son got into his top-choice school." - S.N., Proud Mom


"Jon did a terrifc job helping our daughter with the SATs.  He gave her the attention and confidence she needed to help her acheive a substantial increase in her scores.  We recommend him enthusiastically and unequivocally." - Andy, Proud Dad


"Jon is a pleasant, dependable, and talented tutor.  He had a great working rapport with my son and was able to arm him with the test-taking strategies, information, and time-management skills necessary for him to acheive his SAT testing goals." - Judy, Proud Mom





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